Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Bridger

I can't believe this sweet little guy has been with us for a year now. We are so blessed to have him in our lives. He brings so much joy and has made our family a little more complete. I love you so much baby Bridge! Thank you for being my sweet boy.

The happy smile we have come to know and love so much.

Rubber duck punch. Yum Yum Yum.

First taste of cake.

After he pushed his cake on the floor.

Happily clapping for himself.

Singing to the birthday boy.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Fun

I was NOT going to do this! REALLY I had planned on keeping up this time but a month has passed and the entertainment and craziness of summer has left me behind on my blog. I may never be a consistent blogger that just isn't really me.

Our summer has been super fun, busy and crazy! I kinda like it like that. Bridger had his first out of tummy boat ride.
Bridger and mommy. Ah he likes it.

Ben tried waking boarding behind the tube.

Toby got brave on the tube. Never mind the fact that Shelby looks ticked off in this photo. 
 It has been a lot of fun! Hope everyone else is have a fabulous safe summer as well. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Baby Place Meridian

Bridger is officially 7 months now! Really?!? Where did time go? Funny how 9 months goes by so slow when you are pregnant and then once baby is here you can not seem to find the brakes and slow it all down. 
Seriously this guy has been such a sweet addition to our family.
I am getting a new phone in a few day and with that will be loosing my text messages wrote back and forth between Ben and I the day I went into labor with Bridger so I am documenting the events of the day here. 

Bridger was born at The Baby Place in Meridian. This was the perfect choice for US. I want to emphasis that because I don't want anyone to think I am passing judgment on those who feel safer in a hospital or with a doctor. You do what is right for you and your family. 
My first Birth with my daughter was a really hard one. It was short 4 hours but of course doctors like to help push you along anyway so they broke my water right away and gave me a pill that mimics pit. Contractions were one right on top of the other the whole time, I got an epidural but things were progress so quickly it didn't work. Finally they gave me something else that didn't take the pain away but made me so loopy I felt like I wasn't even there. I remember feeling like I was floating above watching it all happen but not connected at all. Well once I started pushing the epidural kicked in and I was so numb I couldn't feel anything so I pushed hard and fast causing sever taring and swelling. 
Once Shelby was born she was so lethargic from all the medication she would not wake up to eat causing sever jaundice and as a result of the jaundice she became even more tired. We had to buy bottles and force feed her while she was sleeping. Her levels got to 24.7 and they finally put her on the lights.We got got her eating and her levels down.  She is a very healthy girl now. 
Toby was born at The birthing center in Nampa. This was also a great experience we still had an OB and were right across the street from the hospital should any problems arise. 
When we got pregnant with Bridger one of my friends told me about The Baby Place and her wonderful experience there. We made an appointment to meet with them and tour the facility. Colleen met with us and showed us around and answered all of our questions. We both felt comfortable with them and had a good feeling about choosing to have our third child there. 
Our first appointment was when I was 13 weeks pregnant. It had taken 2 years to get pregnant with Bridger so I was very anxious to hear his heartbeat and know he was ok. Sam did my first appointment and when she went to find the heartbeat my own heart was beating so fast and  hard she kept picking that up and couldn't find his. Colleen came in and did and ultrasound. I remember waiting for her to tell me something bad she was quite for a second and then said "Mommy say Hello to your baby". Even as I write this now I tear up it was such a relief to see him in there moving around healthy and striving  I started sobbing of course and she couldn't even get a picture until I calmed down. I was embarrassed and said sorry and she told me "no thank you for making my day". 
Ok now on to birth day!
I had an appointment at 12:30 that day, my due date was the next day so I asked Sam if she could strip my membranes. She did and said "ok you were a 3 when I started now you are a 5" I was kinda shocked and  said "So what do I do now?" she said " Go home and wait. I will probably see you tonight but I have seen weirder things happen."
So I went home. Ben asked how my appointment went I told him and headed off to work. My friend came over and we walked around the neighborhood. I was getting contractions but had, had them before for a few hours and then they would go away. We got back to my house and I headed over to get my daughter from the bus stop. We came home and  the contractions continued so I  told the kids to watch Netflix while I took a bath. I thought maybe that would make the contractions stop.
4:45 I text Ben -Man this false labor is really starting to suck.
Ben text back- Are you sure it is false labor? 
I text- Yeah I think so because I don't think they are lasting long enough.
5:10- I call Ben- Ok I am in a lot of pain I am going to call my midwife. He says he is coming home.
I call Jerusha and tell her what is going on but I not sure if I should come in because I don't know if it is real or not. She says " come in and let me check you I wold feel much better."
5:20- Text Ben- where are you?
By now I am crawling around my bathroom floor crying.
Ben texts back- On my way traffic hour though...
5:25- JJ shows up to get the kids. I am leaning against a wall in my bathroom crying.
Ben walks in about 5 minutes later, loads the bag and car seat in the car and takes me out. We drive to The Baby Place the whole time I am half standing in the car. At some point I remember looking at the clock in the car and it said 5:45.
When we got to The Baby Place Sam, Jenn and Holly were waiting outside for me they rushed to the car to help us get out. We walked in and Sam said she needed to check me and I told her "if this isn't the real thing I am not doing it" (really at this point I was still worried it was false labor). She checked me and said I was an 8 and 100% thinned out. Jerusha came in and I got in the tub and 30 minutes later Bridger was born. I was so fast I couldn't believe it.
I actually reached down and helped guide him out then pulled him up to me. I got to sit there and hold him for about 20 min. umbilical cord still attached. I loved how everything was so peaceful they didn't rush him off to clean and weigh and measure him they just let us sit there and enjoy the moment. Finally when I was ready they cut the cord and handed him to Ben while I got out of the tub and cleaned up then they gave him back to me and I laid there and cuddled and fed him. When he was done about an hour later they took him and got his weight, cleaned him up and got him dressed. I remember Jenn laughing at me because I had brought a preemie outfit and she couldn't get it buttoned over his enormous diaper.
  We hung out there and rested for a few hours then went home about 4 hours after we arrived to sleep in our own bed with our new little baby.  
Ben took this picture and sent it to all our family to let them know Bridger was here. Funny thing is most of them did not even know I was in labor.

We wrote "Welcome to the world Bridger Lyman Wallace." This is also how we revealed his name.

I had such a wonderful experience at The Baby Place. I felt loved and cared for and completely safe. I love and respect those women so much!

Pre-school Graduate!!!

Yesterday was Toby's preschool graduation.I missed his graduation first because my watch was 10 minutes behind and I didn't realize it until I was already running behind so I get in the car and try to hurry over hitting every red light on the way. Then just as I am turning left to pull into his school I notice the cop lights behind me. Great, so there I sat right across from the graduation completely missing out because I got a ticket. Yes I was speeding but really officer you can't catch an overwhelmed mom a break? I could see the kids (they had their graduation outside) and I told the officer I was missing it but he didn't care so I told him to hurry and write the ticket so I could go. Yes, I cried a little. I can just see my little Turbo with his goofy smile knowing something special was going on and everyone else had family their but wondering where his was :(
Well we got there missed the whole thing but he was happy to see us. We ate with him and they got to play for a while.
Here is Toby and his teacher. They helped him so much this year and I am so grateful they worked hard to figure out what Toby needs to be able to concentrate and learn.
Toby also had a wonderful bus drive and aide. They called it "The Happy Bus" and the kids loved them. He is really going to miss them next year.
For his first day of summer Toby finally had time to work on his jeep. Next up mommies Excursion?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Project playhouse

We inherited an old swing set from some neighbors a few years ago. Last winter a big storm came through and blew the play structure over. Ever since then I have been freaking out about the kids playing on it, there were a bunch of cracks in the wood and the hole thing was pretty sketchy looking. After a little bit of nagging Ben finally got around to get the kids new playhouse started. 
Around here in the Wallace household we ALWAYS do things kinda different....

See it just looks so much more exciting that way. 
Out with the old 
In with the new
Don't worry we are not quite crazy enough to leave the other sides off. Ben is building an enclosed playhouse on the back half but he couldn't stand up the walls and fit it out of the shop so he has to finish building the rest outside. So far he has spent $6 on the new playhouse. Everything has been built out of scrap metal and wood he had already and the slide is from the old playhouse. Eventually we will be adding a swing set a zip line and a sandbox under but baby steps for now. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Holy teeth

Friday night Toby and Shelby asked if they could have a sleepover downstairs. I told them ok and sent them down know they would stay up late watching TV. Saturday Morning Shelby keep upstairs a little frustrated "Mom Toby didn't get his dollar" I am a little confused so I just said "ok" Shelby continues "We slept all night and woke up, no dollar so we went back to sleep and woke up again still no dollar." At this point Toby is making his way up the stairs I ask him "Toby did you pull your tooth out?" Toby smiles " Yeah, but I didn't get a dollar." I told him that he wasn't in his bed so the tooth fairy didn't know where to find him, really I a thinking you have to inform the tooth fairy that you lost a tooth you silly goose.
So here is a photo of my little Turbo and his first missing tooth.
That same day I noticed that Bridger's first tooth finally broke through. I told Toby that the tooth fairy must have taken his tooth and given it to Bridger. Look close and you can see his little teeth coming in. You will probably have to click on the picture to enlarge it so you can get a better look at them.
Before you know it Bridger will have a mouth full like this......
I love these boys and their adorable smiles:)

Friday, June 1, 2012

I have started doing a weekly craft day with some of my friends (inspired by my sister). It is so much fun and we all look forward to getting together each week to tackle some of our projects. 
I went to Craft Warehouse the other day and saw a fun little banner so I made one of my own.

I love how people have been using picture frames for other purposes rather then just housing a picture so I used some old frames that I had in my basement. I am thinking I could change out the banner for different holidays. I am going to do Love on the other side of this one for V-day then make another reversible one that will probably say Joy one side and boo on the other.

Next up I kept seeing these muslin wreaths on pinterest that I loved. They looked so shabby chic to me so I made one not super excited about the way mine turned out, I don't think I cut the fabric strips long enough but I am still working on it to make it into what I want.
I would like to get an old vintage window to hang this on eventually. What do you think?